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The Poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus

By Catullus, Gaius, Valerius

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Reproduction Date: 11/5/2012

Title: The Poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus  
Author: Catullus, Gaius, Valerius
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Latin Poetry
Collections: Poetry, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Authors Community, Literature, Music, Language, Sociology, Law
Publication Date:
Publisher: A. S. Kline
Member Page: Tony Kline


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Catullus, G. V. (n.d.). The Poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus. Retrieved from

It describes the lifestyle of the poet and his friends, as well as, most famously, his love for the woman he calls Lesbia.

Table of Contents
1. The Dedication: to Cornelius 2. Tears for Lesbia’s Sparrow 2b. Atalanta 3. The Death of Lesbia’s Sparrow 4. His Boat 5. Let’s Live and Love: to Lesbia 6. Flavius’s Girl: to Flavius 7. How Many Kisses: to Lesbia 8. Advice: to himself 9. Back from Spain: to Veranius 10. Home Truths for Varus’s girl: to Varus 11. Words against Lesbia: to Furius and Aurelius 12. Stop Stealing the Napkins! : to Asinius Marrucinus 13. Invitation: to Fabullus 14. What a Book! : to Calvus the Poet 15. A Warning: to Aurelius 16. A Rebuke: to Aurelius and Furius 17. The Town of Cologna Veneta 21. Greedy: To Aurelius. 22. People Who Live in Glass Houses: to Varus 23. Poverty: to Furius 24. Furius’s Poverty: to Iuventius 25. My Things Back Please: to Thallus 26. The Mortgage: to Furius 27. Falernian Wine 28. Patronage: to Veranus and Fabullus 29. Catamite 30. Faithlessness: to Alfenus 31. Sirmio 32. Siesta: to Ipsíthilla 33. A Suggestion: to Vibennius 34. Song: to Diana 35. Cybele: to Caecilius 36. Burnt-Offering: to Volusius’s Droppings 37. Free for All: to the Regulars and Egnatius 38. A Word Please: to Cornificius 39. Your Teeth! : to Egnatius 40. You want Fame? : to Ravidus 41. An Unreasonable Demand: to Ameana 42. The Writing Tablets: to the Hendecasyllables 43. No Comparison: to Ameana 44. His Estate 45. A Pastoral: to Septimius 46. Spring Parting 47. Preferment: to Porcius and Socration 48. Passion: to Iuventius 49. A Compliment: to Marcus Tullius Cicero 50. Yesterday: to Licinius Calvus 51 An Imitation of Sappho: to Lesbia 52. Injustice: on Nonnius 53. Laughter in Court: to Gaius Licinius Calvus 54. Oh Caesar! : of Otho’s head 55. Where are You? : to Camerius 56. Threesome: to Cato 57. You Two! : to Caius Julius Caesar 58. Lament for Lesbia: to Marcus Caelius Rufus 59. The Leavings: on Rufa 60. Lioness 61. Epithalamion: for Vinia and Manlius 62. Wedding Song 63. Of Berecynthia and Attis 64. Of the Argonauts and an Epithalamium for Peleus and Thetis 65. The Promise: to Hortalus 66. The Lock of Hair: Berenice 67. Of Someone’s Adulterous Door 68. Friendship: to Manlius 68b. Commemoration: to Allius 69. Odorous: To Rufus 70. Woman’s Faithfulness 71. Revenge 72. Familiarity: to Lesbia 73. Failed Friend 74. Security: to Gellius 75. Chained: to Lesbia 76. Past Kindness: to the Gods 77. Traitor: to Rufus 78. The Pandar: to Gallus 78b. Immortality 79. Not So Fair: to Lesbius 80. Give-Away: to Gellius 81. Strange Taste: to Iuventius 82. Eye-debt: to Quintius 83. The Husband: to Lesbia 84. Aspirations: to Arrius 85. Love-Hate 86. True Beauty: to Lesbia 87. Incomparable: to Lesbia 88. Incest in the Family: to Gellius 89. Thinness: to Gellius 90. Too Much! : to Gellius 91. My Mistake: to Gellius 92. Sign of Love: to Lesbia 93. Indifference: to Gaius Julius Caesar 94. Naturally: to Mentula 95. Smyrna: to Gaius Helvius Cinna 96. Beyond The Grave: to Gaius Licinius Calvus 97. Disgusting: to Aemilius 98. Well Armed: to Victius 99. Stolen Kisses: to Iuventius 100. A Choice: to Marcus Caelius 101. Ave Atque Vale: An Offering to the Dead 102. Secrecy: to Cornelius 103. Choose: to Silo 104. Monstrous 105. No Poet: to Mentula 106. It’s Obvious 107. Back Again: to Lesbia 108. Dear Cominius 109. A Prayer: to Lesbia 110. No Cheating: to Aufilena 111. Preferable: to Aufilena 112. To Naso 113. Fruitful: to Gaius Helvius Cinna 114. Mirage: to Mentula 115. Menace: to Mentula 116. The Last Word: to Gellius Index of First Lines


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