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A New Therapy for Health & Energy V6

By Clark, Richard

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Title: A New Therapy for Health & Energy V6  
Author: Clark, Richard
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Medicine, Self help
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Updated May 2016 to over 55,000 words. The first part of his book contains a free step-by-step guide, with links to videos if needed, showing how to use this simple, easy to use therapy for self use at home. Nothing is taken, just bags of different materials such as batteries, oils and vitamins are placed on a person. It's effective and safe having been developed over 25 years and it works on many conditions including illness, pain, injury and accident. It's basically an energy therapy which draws out harmful energy that doesn't support life processes, replacing it with filtered energy that does, while also contributing to a persons health and strength. This version includes Part 6) Batteries & Walnut Oil plus the addition of 10) Ordering the Mind. The materials used in this therapy are simple inexpensive, household items easily obtained. Enjoy...

Updated May 2016. A simple, easy to use therapy for self use at home. Nothing is taken. It's effective and safe having been developed over 25 years and it works on many conditions. The materials used are inexpensive, household items easily obtained. This book contains a free step-by-step guide showing how to use The Therapy. Many have tried it over the years and it's hoped you will as well.

The brain creates mind early on a person's life as it needs an interface with physical existence. This could be seen as the hardware even though its composed of energy. The brain then replicates in the mind an image or abstraction of its surroundings allowing the brain to connect to the outside world, and relate to it, through the mind. This image or abstraction is of societies and the organisations within those societies such as governments, businesses, religions, services and so on. This image may be seen as software, again composed of energy. It's assumed by the brain, replicating societies structure in the mind, that all these things are ordered in a way that leads to safely and security and so the structure of society and the organisations within it are accepted. This is almost a cloning process as its the energy of society that's absorbed into the mind, where the structure its created outwardly in society, goes on to replicate that structure in the mind including any inherent weaknesses, disorder, conflict and confusion within them. A complete copy or clone is made.

Table of Contents
Contents 1) The Therapy Part 1: Removing Harmful Energy Part 2: Adding Health Supporting Energy Supplemental Materials: Silica Gel Serotonin Injury & Accident Part 3: Personal Development Introduction Sea Salt Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) Potato Starch Yeast Vinegar Wheat Bran Corn or Maize Rice Millet Oats Soya or Soybeans Sugar More on Personal Development Part 4: Enhancing the Placebo Effect Part 5: Honey & Batteries Part 6: Batteries & Walnut Oil Afterword 2) The Problem of Illness A) The Burning of Fossil Fuels B) Insect Life, Material, Energy & Bites Clear Fluid Insect Material and Energy Insect Life The Used Energy Residue of Artificial Heat and Cold Conditions that Start in the Womb Cell Division Rheumatoid Arthritis Energy Packets Cancer C) Bacteria D) The Energy of Fungal Infections Conditions Involving Fossil Fuel Energy and Insect Bites General Conditions Clear Fluid Vital Energy Harmful Electrical Energy The Bodies Electrical Energy Water in the Body Skin Conditions Other Conditions Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections Life Supporting Energy 3) The Problem of Health 4) How The Therapy works 5) The Therapy, Its Principles 6) Development and History 7) Perception and Insight 8) Mind, Self and The Immune System 9) The Original Brain 10) Ordering the Mind 11) Q & A's


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