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Falvey Family History : Falvey Christopher Daly Hilsberg: The family Origins of Leslie and Christopher Falvey: Falvey Christopher Daly Hilsberg: The family Origins of Leslie and Christopher Falvey

By FALVEY, John, Lindsay

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Book Id: WPLBN0100302914
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Reproduction Date: 7/1/2003

Title: Falvey Family History : Falvey Christopher Daly Hilsberg: The family Origins of Leslie and Christopher Falvey: Falvey Christopher Daly Hilsberg: The family Origins of Leslie and Christopher Falvey  
Author: FALVEY, John, Lindsay
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Biography, Family history
Collections: History, Authors Community
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Publisher: Lindsay Falvey
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Falvey, J. L. (2003). Falvey Family History : Falvey Christopher Daly Hilsberg: The family Origins of Leslie and Christopher Falvey. Retrieved from

Family histories make boring reading, by any standard, for all but those associated with the lines discussed in them. An earlier version of the Falvey and related histories achieved that standard, and as explained more fully in the Introduction to the current compilation, the anecdotes and secrets that could make a history at least memorable are usually omitted from family histories. That error has been corrected in this approach. In doing so, I am cognisant of the potential for shocking or even causing offence to the conservative, as well as to those who would like their heritage to somehow appear superior to that of their peers. I am also conscious that mistakes inevitably creep into anything based on memory and interpretation of past attitudes. Nevertheless, the approach of 'putting it all in' suits me, and the errors are both mine and others'.

This compilation represents a fulfilment of a responsibility. Since the earlier family history was published, information that was then available but not presented, as well as new information subsequently unearthed, has been burdening my files, and now with a window of opportunity to collate it all, I am pleased to finally discharge the responsibility to share everything that I have on the Falveys and those families related to them through Leslie Kenneth, and Christopher John, Falvey.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgement 11 Dedication 111 Prologue 1v Chapter 1: Introduction 1 Chapter 2: That Irish Name - 'Falvey' 6 Chapter 3: The Arrival of the Falveys in Melbourne 17 Chapter 4: Our Falvey Line 19 4.1 Introduction 19 4.2 Summary Falvey Tree from 1982 Document 20 4.3 Decorating the Tree 24 4.3.1 Generation 6: Falvey-Hoban 24 John Daniel Falvey 25 Hugh Falvey 29 Peter Falvey 31 Maria Falvey (nee Hoban) 31 4.3.2 Generation 7: Falvey-Yelland 32 John Daniel Falvey 32 Emily Falvey (nee Yelland) 32 4.3.3 Generation 8: Falvey-Compton 34 Leslie Clarence Falvey 35 Gertrude Amelia Falvey (nee Compton) 35 4.3.4 Generation 9: Falvey-Christopher 42 Leslie Kenneth Robert Falvey 43 Dorothy Elizabeth Falvey (nee Christopher) 45 Walter Clarence Falvey 47 Ronald Warcus Bowden Falvey 47 4.3.5 Generation 10: Falvey-Daly 47 John Lindsay Falvey 49 Janice Patricia Falvey 49 Russell Leslie Falvey 49 4.3.6 Generation 11: Leslie and Christopher Falvey 51 4.4 The Falveys and Richmond, and Elsewhere 51 4.5 Relatives With the Surname Falvey and Where to Find Them 52 Chapter 5: Christopher 53 5.1 Introduction 53 5.2 Summary Christopher Tree from 1982 Document 54 5.3 Decorating .the Tree 58 5.3.1 Generation 1: Elizabeth Christopher's Brother 59 5.3.2 Generation 2: Christopher-Farun 60 v Nicholas Christopher 60 Jane Christopher (nee Farun) 60 5.3.3 Generation 3: Christopher-Eddy 60 5.3.4 Generation 4: Christopher-Thomas 60 Nicholas Christopher IV 61 Charity Christopher (nee Thomas) 61 5.3.5 Generation 5: Christopher-Eddy 61 Nicholas Christopher V 62 Charity Christopher (nee Eddy) 62 5.3.6 Generation 6: Christopher-Osborne 62 Nicholas Christopher VI 63 Mary Christopher (nee Osborne) 63 5.3.7 Generation 7: Christopher- Matthews 63 John Christopher 63 Mary Christopher (nee Matthews) 63 5.3.8 Generation 8: Christopher-Dick (including -Taylor) 66 John Thomas Christopher 66 Elizabeth Christopher (nee Taylor) 67 Elspeth Marion Jane Christopher (nee Dick) 72 5.3.9 Generation 9: Falvey-Christopher 79 Dorothy Elizabeth Christopher 79 Kenneth Leslie Robert Falvey 81 John William Matthew Christopher 84 Leslie Ronald Christopher 84 Hugh Thomas Christopher 84 William Nicholas Christopher 85 5.4 Relatives With the Surname Christopher 85 Chapter 6: Daly 87 6.1 Introduction 87 6.2 Summary Daly Tree from 1982 Document 87 6.3 Decorating the Tree 91 6.3.1 Generation 6: Daly-Clency 91 William Daly 91 Margaret Daly (nee Clency) 92 Sarah Daly (nee Nichols) 92 6.3.2 Generations 7: Daly-Winter 92 James Daly 92 Mary Ann Daly (nee Winter) 94 6.3.3 Generation 8: Daly-Twoiney 97 James Fredrick William Daly 97 Mary Daly (nee Twomey) 98 6.3.4 Generation 9: Daly-Hilsberg 102 John Henry Daly 103 Marjorie Elma Daly (nee Hilsberg) 104 Frederick James Daly 102 VI Thelma Mary Daly 102 6.3.5 Generation 10: Falvey-Daly Peter John Daly 105 Janice Patricia Daly 105 6.4 Relatives With the Surname Daly and Where to Find Them 106 Chapter 7: Hilsberg 108 7.1 Introduction 108 7.2 Summary Hilsberg Tree from 1982 Document 108 7.3 Decorating the Tree 111 7.3.1 Generation 8: Hilsberg-Hasse 111 Carl Friedrich Ernest Hermann Hilsberg 111 Louise Pauline Ernestine Hilsberg (nee Hasse) 111 7.3.2 Generation 7: Hilsberg-Pralle 112 Theodore Gustav Heinrich Phillip Hilsberg 112 Marie Katharine Sophie Hilsberg (nee Pralle) 113 7.3.3 Generation 8: Hilsberg-Reynolds 117 Reinhold Ernst Emil Hilsberg 117 Alice Mary Christopher Hilsberg (nee Reynolds) 118 Edith Glory Hilsberg (nee Pollock) 123 7.3.4 Generation 9: Daly-Hilsberg 124 Marjorie Elma nee Hilsberg 125 Mena Alice Hilsberg 125 Clara Lucy Hilsberg 126 Ronald Ernest Hilsberg 126 John Richard Hilsberg 126 Letty Olive Hilsberg 126 Keith Edward Hilsberg 126 7.4 Relatives with the Surname Hilsberg and Where to Find Them 127 Chapter 8: Conclusion 130 What Does a Family History Offer? 130 Reviewing the Lines 131 What Does This Mean to the Products of the Lines? 133 Contrasts and Coincidences between the Lines 134 It Has All Been Said Before Epilogue Appendix 1: Introduction Appendix 2: The Falvey Name Appendix 3: Falveys in Australia Appendix 4: Our Falvey Line Appendix 5: Christopher Appendix 6: Daly Appendix 7: Hilsberg


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