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A New Therapy for Health & Energy, V7

By Clark, Richard

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Reproduction Date: 2/26/2017

Title: A New Therapy for Health & Energy, V7  
Author: Clark, Richard
Volume: Volume 7
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Philosophy, Alternative Therapy
Collections: New Age, Authors Community, Most Popular Books in China
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The Therapy is energy based in the following easy to use Parts: 1 – Getting Started Involves clearing out harmful energy in the processes and systems closer to the surface of the body and filling them with beneficial energy. This will help conditions such as some types of asthma, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, hyperactivity and so on. Conditions caused by living in a polluted environment. 2 – Beginning Deeper Therapy These methods will help strengthen the deeper functions and the emotional and mental state. 3 – Going Deeper Help for pain relief and mental functions. 4 – Cells Cells contain energies that give rise to inherited conditions and this energy takes time to get out and time to supply the cells with energy to restore health so perseverance is important. The method for all conditions is basically the same: drawn out harmful energy and supply beneficial energy the body and immune system can use to restore health, only the materials used change. It's new and different, but hopefully you will give it a try and receive substantial benefit. Nothing can be promised but relief should start a few days after using The Therapy Part 1...

Updated April 2020. A simple, easy to use therapy for self use at home. Nothing is taken. It's effective and safe having been developed over 25 years and it works on many conditions. The materials used are inexpensive, household items easily obtained. This book contains a free step-by-step guide showing how to use The Therapy. Many have tried it over the years and it's hoped you will as well.

Only harmful environmental energy by-products, mainly from insects and the burning of fossil fuels, that's not life supporting is drawn out of a person by The Therapy. The Therapy is helped in this drawing out process by a person’s immune system which helps release the harmful energy by-products, ensuring that no life supporting energy is released. The energy by-products from fossil fuels not only does harm when in people it also takes up space blocking life supporting energy from getting in, so the first step towards health is to remove it which is what Part 1.1 of The Therapy does. It also draws out harmful insect energy trapped in the energy system of a person. The 2 main underlying acquired energy problems damaging health are: energy by-products from fossil fuels and the energy of insect bites and consumed insect material. These are the main supporting factors in many chronic conditions which The Therapy aims to remove and they inhabit the body’s functions and process not the cells. Other factors such as contaminated bacteria and mains electrical energy play a part, but the main factors are harmful energy by-products from fossil fuels, insect bites, consumed insect material and petrochemicals. These harmful energies are acquired during life and not inherited and so are easier to get at being low hanging fruit. The deeper things such as strengthen the fabric and constitution of a person and the inherited conditions are dealt with further on.

Table of Contents
The Therapy 1 – Getting Started 1.1 – Removing Harmful Energy 1.2 – Introducing Beneficial Energy Supplemental Methods to Part 1: 1.13 – Silica Gel 1.4 – Serotonin 1.5 – Sterilising Tablets 1.6 – Injury & Accident ***** 2 – Beginning Deeper Therapy 2.1 – Sea Salt 2.2 – Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) 2.3 – Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) 2.4 – Potato Starch 2.5 –Yeast 2.5 – Vinegar 2.6 – Wheat Bran 2.7 – Corn or Maize 2.8 – Rice 2.9 – Millet 2.11 – Oats 2.12 – Soya or Soybeans 2.13 – Sugar ***** 3 – Going Deeper Introduction 3.1 – Honey & Batteries 3.2 – Batteries & Walnut Oil ***** 4 – Cells 4.1 – Clearing & Energising the Cell Membranes 4.2 – Stimulants to Recalibrate the Immune System to the New Body Condition 4.3 – Clearing the genes of harmful inherited energy and protecting them ***** 5 – Afterword ***** The Problem of Illness A – The Burning of Fossil Fuels B – Insect Life, Material, Energy & Bites C – Clear Fluid D – Insect Material and Energy E – Insect Life F – The Used Energy Residue of Artificial Heat and Cold G – Conditions that Start in the Womb H – Cell Division I – Energy Packets J – Cancer K – Bacteria L – The Energy of Fungal Infections M – Conditions Involving Fossil Fuel Energy and Insect Bites General Conditions N – More on Clear Fluid O – Vital Energy P – Harmful Electrical Energy Q – The Bodies Electrical Energy R – Water in the Body S – Skin Conditions T – Other Conditions U – Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections V – Life Supporting Energy W – The Problem of Health X – How The Therapy works Y – The Therapy, Its Principles Z – Development and History AA – Perception and Insight BB – The Immune System CC – Q & A's


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