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The Threshold Perspective : Vital information for a fast changing world: Vital information for a fast changing world

By Finesilver, Michael, I

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Reproduction Date: 01/01/2019

Title: The Threshold Perspective : Vital information for a fast changing world: Vital information for a fast changing world  
Author: Finesilver, Michael, I
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Psychology, A uniquely transcendent psychological perspective on humanity's role in the evolving cosmos
Collections: Adventure, Authors Community, Education
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Publisher: Pathway (Initiatives) Ltd
Member Page: Michael Finesilver


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Finesilver, M. I. (2019). The Threshold Perspective : Vital information for a fast changing world. Retrieved from

Three basic principles determine how this complex world works – at all levels, from personal issues to world affairs, the arts, science and spirituality. A universal coherent pattern is revealed behind the apparent randomness. Applying this powerful knowledge potentially enables any problem to be resolved

A uniquely transcendent psychological perspective on humanity's role in the evolving cosmos, revealing three simple principles which govern the functioning of the whole cosmos and all that it comprises, leading to a practical vision of how humanity can initiate its much needed self-healing.

In the current deeply troubled phase of human evolution, this book offers an unusual diagnosis and prognosis plus a few proposals regarding the much needed rebalancing and healing of humankind. It involves seeking out, identifying and addressing the deeper factors behind the many superficial symptoms, and is concerned with understanding and healing – not with blaming or condemning.

Table of Contents
C O N T E N T S 06 Fakery Unlimited 08 Introduction 24 PART ONE: THE KNOWLEDGE 26 How did the cosmos begin?: Cosmos out of Chaos... 30 The Three Universal Principles: Polarity & Resonance charts... 40 What is this Threshold ?: 'Aha! Now I see it' (the stereograph effect)... 45 Cosmic time: transition from an era of descent to ascent ... 52 Identity: This I am... 57 Sex and Gender: origins of male/female; addiction to sex... 71 Threshold Psychology: context; a victim; hierarchies; addiction; recapitulation; ASS; greed; bullying; screen-world... 104 The Wellness/Illness Spectrum: balance/equilibrium; symptoms; armouring; cancer; diet; Type 2 diabetes; dementia; bipolar disorder; drugs... 120 PART TWO: THE WORLD 120 The invisible elephant on the world stage: SCAB, the global financial syndicate; control through money manipulation... 124 Territoriality: a primitive addiction to territory and property... 128 Three Undercurrents: Jews/Muslims/Christians; primitive, divisive rivalries... 135 It's no use simply blaming the Jews: no 'Jewish' nation; the Jewish problem; Who are the Zionists?; why the vendetta against Russia; the anti-semitism trick... 159 Resolving the 3-way Tussle: a critical moment of destiny for Zionists; the sayanim; Palestine, just a stepping stone to Khazaria/Ukraine... 173 Money Trouble: money, an illusion, a confidence trick; Zionist SCAB controls the USA; banks are insolvent; the world is in debt to SCAB; the Market rules; after capitalism, financialism; the American Dream; Where's the gold?... 195 The Loveless Marriage of Convenience: Papa State & Mama SCAB are still running the show; debt money; deceit and bluff; the male backlash; the unspoken global depopulation plan... 216 Powerless Politics / Fantasy Economics: the democracy delusion; populism; political fault lines are polarity divisions economics is the greed creed of capitalism... 233 Whose News? Whose Mass Media?: Chomsky's Exposé; the hidden Zionist influence; taking over the USA; the 'Something must be done!' trick... 244 Transition troubles: social, political, financial/economic and ecological trouble... 256 2016: A Pivotal Year: The Trump Splash; the Brexit distraction; the fate of Zionists?; American exceptionalism; proxy wars... 274 Separate Issues: Migration; Poverty; Terrorism; Guns & Money in the USA; Whistleblowers; surveillance; sports scandals; upbringing and education; sport, corruption; What next?... 296 The Esoteric/Occult Dimension: reincarnation; karma; secret societies; Kabbalah... 302 PART THREE: APPLYING THE KNOWLEDGE 304 One Humanity (OH): the OH Agenda; Destination OH; the context; UN –> OH; the OH vision; guiding principles; war & conflict; interim practical steps; Generation OH... 331 Science: Threshold science; consciousness first; boysworld science; D2D, torus, vortex; EMUs/numbers; scientists admit ignorance; quantum physics; Chaos Theory; Involution/Evolution; Ecology; artificial intelligence (AI); secret science; Why is science such a turn-off for so many?... 374 Mathematics: Why is mathematics such a turn-off...? 378 The Arts 379 A Good Death 382 A Brief Summary 384 Conclusion 389 References: books; quotes... 400 EXTRAS: Deuteronomy; the Talmud; the sayanim; the Deir Yassin Massacre; When small time greed brought down... 413 Glossary 421 The Author as Beginner 427 The Identity Continuum 432 Practical Daily Self-healing / I Breathe the Cosmos 440 Index of key terms C H A R T S & D I A G R A M S 34 Polarity: the universal principle 36 Polarity: Pleasure/Anxiety 38 Resonance: the third universal principle 58 Origins of gender: physical male/female forms emerge 74 The Integrity Ladder: connects everyday choices with guiding principles 198 Papa State's pyramid of power 202 Mama SCAB's worldwide web of debt 225 Polarity: in politics 341 Torus & vortex: archetypal spheroidal torus & vortex 343 Polarity: the primal cosmic dynamic 344 The Four Fundamental Forces/Interactions of Physics 345 Dark Matter is Gravity, Dark Energy is Levity 351 Four-ness: Four aethers, elements, states of matter, humours, temperaments... 357 The Tree of Involution/Evolution 358 A Fundamental Flaw in Darwinian Theory


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