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Change and Development

By Clark, Richard

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Title: Change and Development  
Author: Clark, Richard
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Philosophy
Collections: New Age, Authors Community
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Publisher: Smashwords
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This is the second part of what will be a trilogy going from the appearance of physical life, through to the present then the next book will look at where we are going and why. The three together will form a baseline or basic view touching on the main points and introducing different concepts upon which future books will be built examining different aspects of being human in simple terms for people who have an interest in such things, but have no wish to be buried in jargon or terms they haven't met before. It's a short, simple easy to read book that hopefully will reveal new ideas and engage the mind, Best wishes and thanks,

Following on from Life and Sentience this book looks at how human life developed from about 200,000 to 300,000 years ago to more modern times, not from a religious or scientific point of view but from a perception of the makers of human life, the energies involved and how those energies were used to advance humans.

The focus of this eBook is between 200,000 and 300,000 years ago up to more recent times. This eBook is about energies and how they were used to advance and develop pre-humans to humans, called Homo sapiens or modern humans and how and why those modern humans continued developing into what we have become. In Life and Sentience it was said that humanity is on a journey where the physical body is developed by the Physical Sentience of this universe and when that development has reached a certain point, that is where a brain is staring to form, Brain Sentience takes up residence in that brain and takes over the process of advancing human systems and processes, energy and mental development, effectively advancing humanity. All physical life up to and including pre-humans had been developed by the Physical Sentience of this universe passing blended energy from the sun into cells it had put together producing different forms of physical life with a developed body and basic systems, but not much more than that. To continue development humans had to emerge filled with passion and drive, ideas and the ethics, virtues, skill, talent and everything else needed to advance humans. Previously energy essence, which controls the way energy works, was passed into very early human males to advance the immune and nervous system, form pathways in the brain and the senses and lay down the basic framework for all the electrical systems in the male body. Through mating children acquired these advancements especially females who don’t receive energy essence directly. Over time pre-humans started to appear the forerunner of modern humans, but the problem was the suns energy couldn’t deliver the content needed to advance the pre-humans. The sun’s energy could not develop those pre-humans to have drive, passion, emotions, ethics and virtues, intellect, advanced mental functions and a personal self leading to complexity and the ability to gain understanding that Previous Life and Sentience required from us. Using the suns energy Physical Sentience had developed physical life to about the level of primates, but couldn’t develop life any further. So Brain Sentience took over the development of humanity firstly through a program of selectively breeding the pre-humans of thousands of years ago recycling their energy to accelerate their development. Brain Sentience exists in all mobile physical life that has a brain and is an extension of Previous Sentience which it is still connected to like a power socket in a home is connected to a power station. This new system would move the development of other mammals forward as well, but not too far bringing them to the point where they have today gained some basic emotional and mental content.

Table of Contents
1 – Modern Humans 2 – Energy Essence 3 – Viruses 4 – Soil Energy 5 – Programming Ideas 6 – Male Violence 7 – Soil and Bacterial Energy in Females 8 – Female Programming 9 – The Female Energy Network 10 – Bacterial Energy 11 – Settlements 12 – The Male Personal Self 13 – The Female Personal Self 14 – The Male Intellect 15 – War and Disease 16 - Afterword


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