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Reason, Ego & the Right-Minded Teamwork Myth: The Philosophy and Process for Creating a Right-Minded Team That Works Together as One

By Hogan, Dan

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Title: Reason, Ego & the Right-Minded Teamwork Myth: The Philosophy and Process for Creating a Right-Minded Team That Works Together as One  
Author: Hogan, Dan
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Psychology, Teamwork Team Building
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Publisher: Dan Hogan
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Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) is an intelligent and empowering teamwork system. It is for everyone, everywhere, forever. Apply RMT, and you will improve your work processes and strengthen your relationships. Apply RMT, and your team will achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Apply RMT, and you make the world a better place. It is an honor to introduce you to this unique, real-world, continuous improvement method. RMT has already improved the lives and teams of thousands of people worldwide. Apply this process in your team, and you, too, will reap its benefits. Is this book for you? This book is primarily intended as a resource for leaders and facilitators. But it is also much more than that. The content you will find here can positively benefit everyone, everywhere, on any team. RMT is a universal, self-evident, self-validating process with the power to transform even the most challenged team. What is this book about? This book teaches two significant Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) concepts: The RMT Myth, a short tale that presents the underlying teamwork philosophy, and 2) The RMT team-building process. The RMT Myth is a short, simple story. It follows three characters: Reason, Ego, and you, the Decision-Maker. The Myth illustrates the Right-Minded Teamwork philosophy, sort of like an aspirational thought system. The RMT Myth advocates for teammates to follow Reason’s path to oneness and shared interest instead of following Ego’s disastrous advice to seek separateness and prioritize selfishness. In other words, the Myth illustrates what “right-minded” thinking and behaving look and feel like. Once you have read and understood the RMT Myth, you and your team are ready for the Right-Minded Teamwork process. Unlike the story about Reason, Ego, and the Decision-Maker, the RMT process is no myth. It is practical, deliberate, and reliable. The RMT process is a set of interconnected, team-building methods that together form a self-perpetuating, continuous improvement system. It allows you to integrate the aspirations of the RMT Myth into your team in a way that helps you achieve your business goals. This book will teach you the RMT process, including seven of RMT’s proven team-building methods that lead to continuous improvement. Why Consider RMT? There are three common team-building practices: education, games, and social events. As far as real team building goes, none of these approaches is effective. Not one of them produces proven, reliable results. If you have participated in them, you know what I mean. Still, many well-meaning team leaders continue to use these ineffective tactics, trying to make them work. Usually, this is because they do not realize there is a better way. A real-world approach to team building is the better way. It is also the most reliable way to achieve and sustain high-performance teamwork. Right-Minded Teamwork is a real-world, team-building process. Applied intentionally, it has the power to transform your team, bringing you together to work as one. That is why RMT is worth considering for your team. The future of RMT… As I write this, RMT is, to my knowledge, the only model of its kind. However, I pray that it is not unique and that real-world methodologies become the prevailing team-building approach around the world one day. I'm optimistic this future is on its way. I believe that as more people like you understand and embrace this superior approach to creating stronger teams, we will see less and less of those ineffective approaches. I also believe in a better future for teams because I know I’m not alone in wishing for it. For decades, my clients expressed the same desire. They were changed by our work together and what they learned, and they went on to share RMT’s concepts and principles with others. Through them, the ripple effect began. Through you, it will continue. Together, we will build better teams: teams that do no harm, get work done and work as one. Dan Hogan

This book teaches two significant Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) concepts: The RMT Myth, a short tale that presents the underlying teamwork philosophy, and 2) The RMT team-building process. The Myth introduces three characters: Reason, Ego, and you as the Decision-Maker. You will learn, from Reason, the integrated and continuous improvement approach to implementing Right-Minded Teamwork in any team.

A Message from Reason Dear Reader, My name is Reason. We haven't been officially introduced, but I've been your constant supporter for many, many years. Though you may think of me as an "I," I am not really a separate entity. I live inside of you. I also live inside everyone else, too. For that reason, it is more accurate to say, "We are Reason," collectively. The story you are about to read will help you understand what I mean by that. Here’s a little preview: Once, there was only Reason. Everyone had everything they needed, and everyone was happy with what they had. But out of nowhere, a tiny, mad idea crept into our collective minds. For just an instant, we began to wonder, "Is there more to be gained than what we have achieved by working together as one unified team?" This moment was the birth of separation. Fortunately, most of us just kindly laughed off the silly question. But some listened. They began to think separate thoughts. Some had the thought that if they could work alone and take more for themselves, it would make them even happier. Instead of following Reason's advice, they chose to follow Ego (the obvious instigator of such a thought). Because of their choice to break from Reason, teamwork faltered. Choosing to focus only on themselves impacted everyone. As you will see in the coming pages, there is more to this story. But even before you read it, allow this excerpt to prepare you. Open your mind to see the true value, importance, and power of choice – your choices, and the choices of your teammates. In every situation, every one of us makes the choice to follow either Reason or Ego. The hope, of course, for the sake of your team’s success, is that you and your teammates will choose Reason. When you do, you will do no harm, and you will always work as one. The most beautiful part is that no matter how far you or your teammates may have strayed, by choosing to work with Reason, you will inevitably find your way back to collaborative, productive teamwork – your pre-separation state. When following Reason, it is easy for teammates to make Right-Minded choices. It is natural for them to act and behave as a single, unified team, ready to achieve team goals.   This book, and the seven Right-Minded Teamwork methods introduced within it, will teach you how to get there. With these tools, you and your team will create and follow your own Right-Minded thought system. You will develop Right-Minded, effective work processes. Reader, I want you to know that I, Reason, am available to you anytime and anywhere, forever. When you are ready to collaborate and work together as a cohesive team, I will be there, in your mind, prepared to show you the way. Together, we will make it happen. Then, you and your team will easily live the RMT motto. You will do no harm and work as one. Join me on the Right-Minded Teamwork journey. It’s your new beginning. Let's start today. Forever yours, Reason PS - Don't hesitate to call on me anytime. It only takes a mindful moment. I am always here for you.

Table of Contents
Preface Right-Minded Teamwork: A High-Level View The RMT Myth A Message from Reason The Myth Moral of the Story The RMT Process An Overview of the Seven RMT Methods How to Study & Apply These Methods The Seven RMT Team-Building Methods Right-Minded Teamwork in Any Team How to Facilitate Team Work Agreements How to Apply the Right Choice Model 7 Mindfulness Training Lessons Right-Minded Teamwork: 9 Right Choices Design a Right-Minded, Team-Building Workshop Achieve Your Organization's Strategic Plan The End. Your New Beginning. Glossary of Right-Minded Teamwork Terms & Resources About the Author


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